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Top Reasons For Companies To Hire Self Help Speakers

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Are you a business owner? Are you looking for ways to motivate your employees to work harder and more efficiently? While this may initially seem like an unnecessary expense, here are some reasons why it’s a good idea: Add energy to your organization: You may be under the impression that self help speakers just talk at people for an hour, or however long their speech is. While this is partially true, a good self help speaker will do much more. They will inspire the people who hear him or her. If you have a project that’s nearing a deadline and your employees seem to be lagging, a good speaker can give them the motivation to work harder and give that last extra push to make sure everything is finished on time. Teach new skills: Even if you offer excellent and competitive pay, chances are good that at least a few of your employees are drowning in debt because of poor life choices. Instead of budgeting properly for bills, they may be spending most of their paycheck on new clothes or on eating out. Although you don’t need to know the specifics, you can often see the results in your company. These employees may be stressed out by their debt, unable to focus properly on their work. Instead of firing everyone who has ever made a poor financial decision, self help speakers can teach your employees budgeting skills that they may not have learned elsewhere. Instead of counting this as an expense, consider it an investment. Weigh the cost of hiring a speaker for a day or two versus the cost of training a whole new set of employees. Provide objective suggestions: Some of your employees may lack the self-reliance that allows them to feel confident about their work product. The speaker can tailor part of their message so that it helps your reticent workers develop the self-assurance they need to believe in their efforts. Or, perhaps you have an excellent employee that is a loner. Their work is excellent, but they feel challenged when dealing with co-workers. When you consult with the speaker, you can ask them to emphasize that everyone is part of a team, working towards a common goal. No matter what personal issues your employees have, hearing suggestions from an outsider could help your employees to be happier in their profession. Self help speakers can help your employees focus on overcoming personal and professional obstacles that impede their lives. Hiring a good self help speaker will help remove your burden of handling various personnel situations and you’ll be able to spend more time on other business matters. To learn more, contact a company like Inner...

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Making Your Christmas More Meaningful This Year: Ideas For You And Your Family

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When the holiday season is on its way, you begin to think about this lovely time of year and all that it means to you. In that same spirit, you may be looking for ways to make your Christmas this year more meaningful for you and your family. After all, each and every Christmas you get to spend together should be special and unique so that you and your family will remember them all. Get to know some of the ways that you can make Christmas more meaningful this year. Have a Gift Donation Name Draw If you have a large extended family that gets together and exchanges gifts every year, you know that getting everybody a gift can get expensive and stressful. Instead of getting every member of your family a gift this year, you and your family may want to make a name draw instead. Christmas name draws allow each person in the extended family to only need to get one gift for one member of the family selected at random. This eases the financial and time burden of Christmas shopping and allows everyone to focus on meaningful gift-giving.  And, if you want to go all out in making your Christmas meaningful, you can turn the name draw into a charitable donation drive. In essence, every person in the family would give a donation to a charitable organization in their name. Non-profit organizations for children, for animals, or for the development of treatments for medical conditions can all use charitable donations from people who support those causes. You and your family could make a real difference in the lives of the people these charities help. Additionally, it will make you feel great about your altruism. For more information, reach out to various charity organizations in your area, such as The Louis House Foundation, to find out how you can help as part of this year’s Christmas celebration. Volunteer to Serve Christmas Dinner at a Shelter Meaningful holidays do not always have to be all about just your family. In fact, the most meaningful ones are usually those that focus on sharing the Christmas spirit with others in need. One of the ways that you and your family can do just that is to volunteer together at a homeless shelter or the like, and help serve Christmas dinner. You can even help to hand out gifts to the children. This type of family activity will help to make all of you more appreciate of the things you have that you may take for granted. And you will all feel closer to each other and better about yourselves knowing you accomplished something together and helped people in a real, tangible way. Now that you have a few ideas to make your Christmas more meaningful this year, you can get started in your holiday planning and make this Christmas one to...

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Ideas For Creating A Personalized Grave Marker

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Funeral services are becoming more and more specialized, and grave markers are no exception. The National Funeral Directors Association reports that customized funeral services are becoming more personalized, with services reflecting the deceased person’s hobbies and interests. Creating personalized, custom headstones that offer more than just a name and date of birth and death can help those left behind honor their loved one’s life and give the world a little peek inside the person’s legacy. Here are just a few beautiful and respectful ways to create a personalized grave marker for your loved one. Add An Artist’s Portrait Traditional headstones don’t show you how a person looked, and over time, it can become difficult to remember the details of a loved one’s face. Ask your headstone company about creating an artist’s portrait of your loved one based off of a favorite photo. This will give the world a chance to see what the person looked like, even generations from now, and it will let you “see” your loved one when you visit the cemetery. Inscribe A Funny Quote Or Saying Headstones don’t always have to be serious. If your friend or relative was a funny person or a practical joker, consider creating a headstone that recognizes that part of his or her personality. You can have a funny quote from a movie or television show placed on the headstone, or you can add a saying that your loved one was known for. This helps you to create a memorial that shows the world how the person lived instead of just showing that he or she died. Tell A Story Use the back of the grave marker to tell a story about your loved one. This can be a traditional epitaph, or it can be an anecdote that best sums up the individual’s unique personality. This creates a lasting legacy that can be read by your family’s future generations as well as other visitors to the cemetery, ensuring that your loved one’s memory lives on. In some cases, you might even choose to discuss the manner of death to help create awareness about diseases or preventable tragedies so that you can give some meaning to your loss. Grave markers (available from companies like Palmer Bros Granite Co) offer the chance to give the world some idea of the type of person you lost. Whether you share a picture, joke pr a story, creating a personalized headstone for your loved one offers a wonderful way to honor his or her memory and ensure that the life wasn’t one that will be...

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Finding The Witch Way: 3 Tips To Discover Older Paths Of Magic

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Whether you’re new to the craft or well-experienced, trying to find new resources as a solitary witch can often be difficult. While websites and bookstores are often a bevy of potential information, many of the websites and books out there are newer, modern takes on witchcraft. While everyone’s path is different, if you’re trying to get in touch with older magical traditions, the information age and its plethora of newer magical works can actually make it more difficult. Here are three ideas for finding information and resources on older magical traditions. Used Bookstores Finding a used occult or spiritual bookstore might be your best bet, but regular used bookstores like pioneerbook.com can hold some treasures, too. Used bookstores often offer books that aren’t in print anymore and have been forgotten by the general public. You’ll be far more likely to find older books from the spiritual and Wiccan movements of the 1970s in used bookstores than new stores. Many modern books on witchcraft are overly eager to throw out spell ideas and nothing else, but since the notion of positive witchcraft had hardly been heard of prior to the 70s, many books from this period delve deeply into the theology of witchcraft. If you’re looking to enhance your craft, these may be of use to you. Libraries If used book stores carry older titles that have been forgotten, libraries can be goldmines of even older texts. You often find similarly old, out-of-print books on library shelves, but you can also speak with the librarian about their resources behind the counters. In addition to lending books, libraries are curators of older texts that are fragile and very old. While it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to find another witch’s book of shadows in a library, you may be able to research how witchcraft in your home town grew. Ask to view any resources, books, and newspaper clippings revolving around healers and elders in your hometown when it was being settled. Finding the roots of traditional, folk and healing magic in the town you live in can help you to feel connected to a deeper tradition, and maybe inspire some ideas of your own. Gatherings Finally, one of the best ways to expand your practice and learn the old ways is to reach out to a coven or circle in your area. Admittedly, not all circles are open to newcomers or witches from outside their circle. However, many are open-minded and welcome visitors and potential coven members to witness their practices. Even if you’re not able to watch a ritual, you may be able to simply sit down with an elder and discuss your desire to learn. The simple fact that you’re looking to connect with the old ways may impress magical groups and encourage them to teach you, or at least suggest resources. While the modern era has made finding information on just about anything easier, it’s often more difficult to find in-depth information on the old ways of magic. With these three tips, however, you can expand your magical practice and find the path that suits...

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