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Ideas For Creating A Personalized Grave Marker

Funeral services are becoming more and more specialized, and grave markers are no exception. The National Funeral Directors Association reports that customized funeral services are becoming more personalized, with services reflecting the deceased person's hobbies and interests. Creating personalized, custom headstones that offer more than just a name and date of birth and death can help those left behind honor their loved one's life and give the world a little peek inside the person's legacy. Here are just a few beautiful and respectful ways to create a personalized grave marker for your loved one.

Add An Artist's Portrait

Traditional headstones don't show you how a person looked, and over time, it can become difficult to remember the details of a loved one's face. Ask your headstone company about creating an artist's portrait of your loved one based off of a favorite photo. This will give the world a chance to see what the person looked like, even generations from now, and it will let you "see" your loved one when you visit the cemetery.

Inscribe A Funny Quote Or Saying

Headstones don't always have to be serious. If your friend or relative was a funny person or a practical joker, consider creating a headstone that recognizes that part of his or her personality. You can have a funny quote from a movie or television show placed on the headstone, or you can add a saying that your loved one was known for. This helps you to create a memorial that shows the world how the person lived instead of just showing that he or she died.

Tell A Story

Use the back of the grave marker to tell a story about your loved one. This can be a traditional epitaph, or it can be an anecdote that best sums up the individual's unique personality. This creates a lasting legacy that can be read by your family's future generations as well as other visitors to the cemetery, ensuring that your loved one's memory lives on. In some cases, you might even choose to discuss the manner of death to help create awareness about diseases or preventable tragedies so that you can give some meaning to your loss.

Grave markers (available from companies like Palmer Bros Granite Co) offer the chance to give the world some idea of the type of person you lost. Whether you share a picture, joke pr a story, creating a personalized headstone for your loved one offers a wonderful way to honor his or her memory and ensure that the life wasn't one that will be forgotten.