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Making Your Christmas More Meaningful This Year: Ideas For You And Your Family

When the holiday season is on its way, you begin to think about this lovely time of year and all that it means to you. In that same spirit, you may be looking for ways to make your Christmas this year more meaningful for you and your family. After all, each and every Christmas you get to spend together should be special and unique so that you and your family will remember them all. Get to know some of the ways that you can make Christmas more meaningful this year.

Have a Gift Donation Name Draw

If you have a large extended family that gets together and exchanges gifts every year, you know that getting everybody a gift can get expensive and stressful. Instead of getting every member of your family a gift this year, you and your family may want to make a name draw instead.

Christmas name draws allow each person in the extended family to only need to get one gift for one member of the family selected at random. This eases the financial and time burden of Christmas shopping and allows everyone to focus on meaningful gift-giving. 

And, if you want to go all out in making your Christmas meaningful, you can turn the name draw into a charitable donation drive. In essence, every person in the family would give a donation to a charitable organization in their name. Non-profit organizations for children, for animals, or for the development of treatments for medical conditions can all use charitable donations from people who support those causes. You and your family could make a real difference in the lives of the people these charities help. Additionally, it will make you feel great about your altruism.

For more information, reach out to various charity organizations in your area, such as The Louis House Foundation, to find out how you can help as part of this year's Christmas celebration.

Volunteer to Serve Christmas Dinner at a Shelter

Meaningful holidays do not always have to be all about just your family. In fact, the most meaningful ones are usually those that focus on sharing the Christmas spirit with others in need.

One of the ways that you and your family can do just that is to volunteer together at a homeless shelter or the like, and help serve Christmas dinner. You can even help to hand out gifts to the children.

This type of family activity will help to make all of you more appreciate of the things you have that you may take for granted. And you will all feel closer to each other and better about yourselves knowing you accomplished something together and helped people in a real, tangible way.

Now that you have a few ideas to make your Christmas more meaningful this year, you can get started in your holiday planning and make this Christmas one to remember.